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Triptych Exhibit


The number “3” has always been significant to man. Throughout history and literature, sets of three have always been notable.  The Three Wise Men or Magi.  The Three Musketeers (even if the story ends up with four of them).  Three’s Company (for those old enough to remember the TV series).  Many successful companies are known by three letter:  IBM, AT&T, SGV, NCR, BPI, just to name a few.  Somehow, 2 seems to be too short and 4 just too long.

The power of three comes to play in sports as well,  The top three places are awarded the honors leaving all other competitors out of the glory.  In horse racing, there is the Triple Cup.  Phil Jackson’s triangle offense brought 11 championship rings to his coaching career.

In many art forms, the power of three similarly  has a strong hold.  Many authors strive to create trilogies, particularly in science fiction and fantasy. The Lord of the Rings for one.  Most of classical music comes in three movements.  In the visual arts, the number three also comes to play. The triptych form arises from early Christian art, and was a popular standard format for altar paintings from the Middle Ages onwards.

For their annual exhibit, the Zone Five Camera Club (ZVCC)  has chosen to go “Triptych.” They have replaced the oils and pigments of the middle ages with their digital sensors. The club’s members have created an array of related images.  The 3 scenes in each set of pictures may stand alone but when viewed together present a view that draws the audience one step further or even three steps further.  The idea is to tell the a story in 3 parts with one common theme connecting all three parts.  The story told this time is not limited to religious themes but is wide open to all artistic interpretation.

For this exhibit, ZVCC has brought out a dazzling array of sets of images including landscapes, macro photography,  city scapes, abstracts, and others covering many of the usual scenes that photographers like.  This time though, they are doing it in threes.   The dynamic potential of the tripthych form is clearly visible as the viewer is drawn into the sets  of images.   Looking into the connections and relationships within the sets makes for a more engaging experience than the usual single print.  The story behind the sets of images become more engaging in threes.

Join the Zone Five Camera Club as they bring their artistry to another level and explore the visual power of the “Triptych”.  Exhibit runs from February 23 to 29 at the SM Mall of Asia.

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